Gopher Auxiliary

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Welcome to Gopher Auxiliary of Eruthyll

We connect the land of Eruthyll with the earth. Founded as a fan-based organisation, we are keen on providing you with the best services possible that will allow directors to fully enjoy their journey with heroes at the Gopher Troupe. We provide services including free mailbox and the community-based Eruthyll Wiki. Gopher Auxiliary of Eruthyll is not a registered organisation, operation of which is guided by Bilibili HK Limited.

About Project: Eruthyll

Carnival Descendance incidents continue to take place all around. How will you save the people that have fallen into a slumber and reclaim the future of reality from the false dreams?

As the Acting Director of the Gopher Troupe, you’ve been tasked with the mission of rescuing reality from the Carnival Descendance.